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Lemon — Latin Lover. Apr 13, 2020 FNAF fanfiction Foxy x reader Lemon chapter 3 49 15 16K 1 fnaf lemon forced wattpad, fnaf x reader forced lemon, human bonnie x reader, Kid fnaf x mother reader. Sign up Log in. Not much happened you just tried getting to your new job. Female Fnaf x Male Reader Fanfiction.Fnaf X Reader. Feb 08, 2022 · Bookmarked by Khimea. 01 Dec 2021.. This is a community project created by the User: ExtremeSSJ4. Its mainly about events that would change in the original story of PercyJackson or Heroes of Olympus series (Example: What If Thalia made it to Camp Half-Blood instead of been turned into a pine tree?). If you want to join the project just leave a message in the talk page and you will soon receive an answer. [ Percy Jackson x Male OC ] Fridae. Chapter 1. Chapter Text. Percy Jackson's POV "That's odd, why is Pluto here and not Hades? Isn't he supposed to be in Camp Jupiter? ... "Harry, I love you a lot but I'm going to need to move you out of the way, for your own safety." - I said "Looks like Potter distracted you, huh?" - taunted Lord Voldemort.
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